.​.​.​And Bear Witness To The Colossus​.​.​.

by Winters

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Michael Bombard Insanely heavy and inventive stuff. These guys will do great things. RIYL: Envy, Botch. Favorite track: I Claw Through The Sky.
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This EP follows the story of one man's journey into the frozen darkness. The re-imagining of a story most are familiar with.

The year is 1969. His destination: The Moon.


released July 20, 2013

All tracks written by Niall MacRae and Curtis Gallagher
Performed by Winters

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by L'WHALER
Artwork by Gurven Designs



all rights reserved



Born from ideas and concepts over months and years. We are Winters.

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Track Name: I Claw Through The Sky
Gods have the heavens.
We hold hell of our own.
Rumours of power circle down,
As we listen for answers.

A million eyes upon the ladder.
"Send a sacrifice!
A son to please our father."

A million eyes upon the ladder.
"Send a sacrifice!
They will remember his name"

Ascent of our hopes upon a wire.
Mechanical wings tear through the sky;
I am lifted.

To where the night sees no end!
Frozen darkness,
I soar.

To where the night sees no end!
Frozen darkness,
I tear through the heavens!

Smash into the face of the sky.
Crash upon the throne of gods.
Track Name: And Bear Witness To The Colossus
I walk this cold landscape of broken bone,
Burdened by the weight of ceremonies gone.

What is a hero if he made no choice?
What is a man without freedom and a voice?

Closer to the bone.
I walk alone.

The moon hangs restive in the shadow of the earth.
The sons and the daughters all fought for water,
Until the poison took the well.

Frozen darkness.
His shadow it mocks me,
My every move.

I stare into the eyes of divinity
And I witness the colossus,
Staring back at me.

“Weep for your sins.
Despair at your brothers.
Weep for their sins.
Despair at your sisters.

Your life or humanity?
With this choice I burden thee,

“My life or humanity?
With this choice unburden me,

I’ll watch from way up here.”
Track Name: Undoing
Heavens opened,
It was beautiful!
Ink pressed names
Fell off the page

Delicate pearls,
Destructive force;
Paper withered,
Became the ghost.

Expectant lips creased inwards.
Eyes look onwards,
At the fall of two birds,
Fighting one stone.
Suddenly.. all are alone.

There was a story here;
[[but the ink ran dry]]
The poet gave up the chase.
[[and the words came out of place]]

“Part the grey!
Pull her down!”
Chant of the masses,
Their greed knows no bounds.

So they part the grey.
A million hands pull her down.

A wave of mortality takes the scene.
All that we’ve ever known wiped out,
Forever gone.

They’ll find another place,
They’ll find a light beyond,
Exists not.
Not today.
Not for them.

“You were the poison,
I was the killing blow.
You were.”